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Linkedin & Instagram Growth

Targeted Linkedin & Instagram Growth



GGPMedia is a Linkedin & Instagram focused marketing firm that helps businesses and personal brands grow and target their following on Instagram & Linkedin within their target demographic at scale.


Linkedin Growth:

  • Send Manual Linkedin Message Sequences to Target Market

  • 10,000+ Monthly Targeted Company Followers

  • 5,000+ Monthly Targeted Personal Page Followers

  • Place your Personal & Business Linkedin Account In Linkedin's Algorithm

  • Market Research

  • High Priority Support

  • Location Targeting

  • Niche Targeting

  • 900+ Targeted Connections Added Monthly

Instagram Growth:

  • 100,000+ Targeted Instagram Followers per Month

  • Market Research

  • Niche Targeting

  • Location Targeting

  • Gender Targeting

  • High Priority Support

  • Promotion of Each New Post to 1,000,000+ Network

  • Engagement Growth

  • Place Your Account In Front of 3,000,000+ People Each Month


Lizanne Falsetto

GGPMedia has grown my Instagram account by over 100,000 followers. They also got me verified (blue badge) on Instagram. They are one of the best marketers I have came across.


Bedros Keuilian

GGPMedia has helped grow my personal Linkedin by over 200%. Which has led to a huge influx in leads. They have also grown Fit Body BootCamps company followers by over 9,000 in the past month. I can vouch for GGPMedia.


Joshua Krenus

GGPMedia is one of the best in the business and I would never hesitate to recommend their services.



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We are very picky about who we sign as clients at GGPMedia.

We will only sign on customers who we are certain will see results and a positive ROI from our service. Interested in finding out if you are a good fit?

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